Eucharistic Ministers

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We as a Christian community are called to be priest, prophet and king. We are called to make Jesus the center of our lives, to help others find God in us, to speak God's Word and to do His will.  We are called to serve. As an Extraordinary Minister of Communion you have the opportunity to serve in a very special way. We become one as a community of believers in the very center of our faith. Are you interested in serving?

Your commitment would be about 1 Sunday Mass a month (or you could be a substitute and help when needed) .  The training is one evening here at St. Pat's.  I guarantee that you will receive more grace than you knew and what an honor it is to be able to participate in the Mass in this special way!    We welcome you to join us. 

Please call Jack/Cathy Monroe

Thank You

Updated 8/22/19