Altar Servers

Download and print a form here to have someone contact you about this ministry

Altar serving is a ministry of the Church. Altar servers, as ministers, are important participants in the liturgy. Becoming an altar server requires a commitment from both the student and the parents.  Altar servers must be able to attend Masses if they are assigned, whether or not it is convenient.  These include Sunday Masses, holy day Masses, weddings and funerals on weekends.  Altar servers and parents must realize this ministry is a twelve month commitment, including holidays, summer and school vacations.

Please contact Charliann Gula

Returning Altar Servers

It is very important that you complete this infomrmation/commitment form right away and return it as indicated on the form.

New Altar Servers (updated June, 2019)

Saint Patrick Parish is looking for reliable student commitment to this ministry.  Please talk together about altar serving, its importance, its honor, its religious significance, and if you think altar serving is a means for you to serve God and your parish, please sign this “Server Sign-Up information sheet and return to Mr. Murray in the Parish Office.