Sacraments of BaptisM

In order to schedule a Baptism, both parents must first take a Baptismal Prep class.  These classes are offered on the second Wednesday of each month from 7-8:30 PM.  To register for this class call the Parish Office at 847-244-4161.  This class credit is valid for three years and must be repeated in order to schedule additional baptisms after that period. 

After you have taken this class, you will need to fill out a Baptismal Intake Form and submit a copy of your child’s STATE birth certificate and a copy of the mother or father’s driver’s license. 

Baptism will be offered (with a maximum of three children) at the following celebrations:

First week of the month-Saturday 5:00 PM Mass
Second week of the month-Sunday 9:00 AM Mass
Third week of the month-Sunday 11:00 AM Mass
Fourth or Fifth week of the month-Sunday 12:30 PM

Any special requests will be handled by Fr. Merold. Baptisms are also available in Spanish. 

For special circumstances or if you are an adult interested in receiving Sacraments or joining the Catholic Church call the parish office at 847-244-4161.