seder meal March 31

Join Us and See How it Points to Christ and the Mass

The Passover Seder is a festive meal that is also a ceremony. We retell and remember the story of the Exodus from Egypt during this ceremonial meal. The Hebrew word for order is “Seder” and given that this festive meal has a fixed order, the name Seder is appropriate. The rite and symbols of the Seder offer a colorful and meaningful presentation of a spiritual message. Participation books will be available so all may participate.

Let the signs, sounds and smells help everyone in your family remember the story. Join us on March 31 in the Boehm Center. The Seder Meal begins at 4:00 PM and will include Mass and dinner.

All parishioners are invited, including children. The ceremony and dinner are free. However, please note, due to limited seating, you must complete the registration form below to attend. Please fill out the form below and turn it in to the volunteers in the Narthex. Volunteers will be in the Narthex staring March 2/3 until March 24.

No late orders can be accepted.