By Jim Murray

One of the key features of a parish is that the faith community has a belief statement, commonly referred to as a “mission statement.” Here at Saint Patrick our parish mission statement says; “AS A FAITH COMMUNITY, WE ARE THE HANDS AND FEET OF CHRIST, REACHING OUT AS HE DID.” This mission statement appears on all our parish bulletins every weekend on the “masthead.” How wonderful that we have a parish mission statement presented to us every weekend on paper. But, we need to explore a much bigger question…..”What does it mean to LIVE OUT our mission statement? And an elusive question for many of us, “What does it mean for ME to be COUNTED in achieving our mission statement? More importantly, how do you, as a member of this parish faith community, live out that mission statement in your life? How do you provide the time, talent and treasure to make our mission statement have life and give life!

Our Parish Ministry Fair Core Team offers a personal, individual and special invitation to YOU! Yes, that means each of you! Without your help our parish mission can not be fulfilled. During the weekends of September we ask that you explore all of the ministries associated with our faith community. And, let us say how much we appreciate the current, active members of each and every ministry present in our parish.

On September 7/8, we will highlight our “Faith Formation Ministries.” On September 14/15, we will look at the critical “Liturgical Life” of our parish. September 21/22 will be the weekend to become familiar with our “Outreach Ministries.” On September 28/29 we will ask the all important questions: “What are the ministries we will need moving forward? How can we become an effective and responsive community to those in need on this “Future Ministries” weekend?

Each weekend gives each of us the opportunity to explore what our parish mission statement means in real life terms! We request that you prayerfully reflect on your involvement in any of the wonderful parish ministries. Contemplate how you have responded to our Lord's call to be His feet and hands? Search your soul and evaluate! Become incorporated into the Body of Christ that we profess every time we pronounce our beliefs in the Creed! Don’t say, “Oh someone else will do that!” Now is the time to get to know your parish community better! You can indicate your interest now or in October. Just think how much can be achieved by all of us together!

- Jim Murray