Dear People of God,

Wade in the Water!

When you come into Church and bless yourself with the Holy Water, are you careful to only get a little drip so you don’t get wet? Or do you reach into that water with great joy, scooping up water to revel in the remembrance of your baptism? Blessing ourselves with Holy Water can become rote, because we do it all the time. If we don’t think about it, it becomes a ritual without meaning. That water, that ritual, is to remind us of our rebirth in Jesus Christ. We sign ourselves to declare publicly to whom we belong…

Jesus Christ! Washed clean of our original sin by baptism, we belong to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Next time you walk into Church, take the time to “wade in the water”. Recall your baptism. Make the sign of the cross as you bless yourself with the water. Open your heart and mind and say to God, “Speak Lord, I’m listening. Plant your word down deep in me!” Wade in that water and teach your children to do the same!