Is LOTW Right For You?

1) Do you react with tolerance and kindness when offended by others?
2) Do you look forward to attending Mass?
3) Do you feel a sense of joy or unexplained euphoria one or more times a week?
4) Do you pray daily (even for a minute or two)?
5) Do you recognize "God-incidences" in your daily life? (these are like co-incidences - amazing incidents throughout the week that typically defy logical explanation)
6) Do you first turn to prayer when you encounter problems in your life?
7) Do you feel that Jesus forfeited his life for you (personally)?
8) Do you feel that God will always provide for your needs in life?
9) Do you give time or money to those in need at least monthly?
10) Do you ever tell others about your faith you are in "public"?

If you answered "No" to any of these, then please sign up for the retreat.